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Dec 7, 2011 2:40am PST
iranians might be able to glean from that drone. >>> now to the deadly unrest in syria, which according to the u.n. has killed more than 4,000 people since march. the obama administration is moving to expand contacts with opponents of the ruling regime as violence there grows more deadly. abc's martha raddatz reports. [ gunfire [ >> reporter: it started in darkness. a terrifying volley of gunfire that began one of the bloodiest 24 hours since this revolution began to force out syria's dictator al-assad. with weapons and tanks thundering by, people were running for their lives. children looking for cover. some too late. thousands of miles away, thousand of miles away, secretary of state hillary clinton met with syrian opposition groups. >> they need to be assured that syria will be better off under a regime of tolerance rather than on the whims of a dictator. >> reporter: clinton is also sending ambassador robert ford back to syria after pulling him out for his own safety. clinton says he will be a witness to assad's brutality as syria slides closer into an all-out civil war. martha radd
Dec 8, 2011 2:35am EST
news this morning -- syria's embattled leader has sat down for his first major tv interview since the start of the uprising that left thousand of civilians dead. in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters he denied ordering the deadly crackdown. abc's alex marquardt has more. >> reporter: for the leader of a country in so much turmoil, syria's president bashir al-assad appears calm, soft-spoken and confident, confident he is doing the right thing for syria where the u.n. says more than 4,000 people have died in the past nine months. in an exclusive interview with abc's barbara walters he distanced himself from the bloodshed. >> do you think that your forces, cracked down too hard? >> they're not my forces. they are military forces that belong to the government. i don't own them. i'm president. i don't own the country. >> reporter: assad did admit mistakes had been made but doesn't feel guilty because he says he is doing his best to protect his people. few journalists have been allowed into syria, most of what the world has seen looks like this. amateur video, cell phone
Dec 29, 2011 2:40am PST
. >>> also, new evidence this morning of the violent unrest that has killed thousands in syria since march. that was all captured in syria's third largest city, the center of the uprising against president bashar al-assad. that just more information and details coming in from the unrest that is happening in syria. more violence yesterday, evidence that the government is cracking down on demonstrators. 40 killed just this week alone. >>> closer to home, it was a deadly evening commute last night outside washington, d.c. a collision between a pickup truck and a public transit bus left the truck's driver dead. and almost a dozen people injured. the collision was so forceful that both drivers had to be cut out of their vehicles. >>> in tennessee, three miners had to be rescued after a fire trapped them 800 feet underground. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on a drill rig in a zinc mine near knoxville. the trapped miners were in contact with officials, but thick smoke prevented them from leaving a safe area. it took rescuers about three hours to get them out safely. >>> now to the story w
Dec 28, 2011 2:40am PST
report from south korea this morning. >>> we want to stay overseas and turn to the unrest in syria. tens of thousand of people in the streets of syria's third largest city calling for execution of the president. government troops reportedly killed dozens of people despite presence of international monitors checking on a series of promised reforms there. thousands have died in the government crackdown against protestors which began in march. >>> disturbing details in the murder of a young girl. the man watching aliahna lemmon confessed to beating her to death and dismembering her body last thursday. the suspect, a 39-year-old michael plumadore, has been ordered held without bond. >>> investigators in connecticut confirm the fire that killed five family members was in fact the result of a tragic accident. they say embers from the fireplace and lack of working smoke detectors led to the tragedy. abc's linsey davis reports now from stamford. >> reporter: investigators say it was the embers of the christmas eve yule log which started what firefighters here are calling the most horrific fire i
Dec 2, 2011 2:40am PST
from overseas, a top u.n. official is calling the ongoing violence in syria a civil war. the stark assessment came as amateur video showing the violence in the country surfaced. now the u.n. puts the death toll from eight months of revolt against the government at 4,000. it says the number is simply a conservative estimate. >>> now to politics and gop hopeful herman cain. he says his wife knew nothing abut his friendship with ginger white or that he provided her with financial support until just this week. cain denies white's allegations the two carried on a 13-year affair but does admit to helping out with white's bills, saying he is just soft-hearted. cain says he will decide whether to stay in the race by monday after a face to face with his wife. >> a fly on the wall during that, huh? >>> well, country singer mindy mccready violated a judge's custody order and missed a deadline to bring her 5-year-old son back to florida. mccready says she is tennessee and insists she is trying to protect her son and can't travel because she is 7 months pregnant with twins. her mother was award
Dec 16, 2011 2:40am PST
to syria, 90-minute primetime special and interview with the president and first lady hardly sounds like anyone retiring from anything. we asked if she fibbed to the president to get a big interview. vp said she is one of the greatest who ever lived. >> she is not going anywhere. >> can't imagine. >> on "the view" her specials. >> she will leave when she wants to. >> she is not going anywhere. >>> jay-z joining his wife beyonce in a pregnancy diet. the diet is partially vegan. she is trying not to let herself go she is expecting. he is joining her in that. i'm not sure what a partially vegan diet its. >> what does that mean? >> when you are pregnant you want to eat. everything. delicious things like bacon. >> i respect, if you say you are giving up, give up certain things when you are pregnant. i'll go along with it -- alcohol. >> a lot of men get fatter when women are pregnant. >> nicely done, jay-z. feel the pain a little bit. >>> donald trump and rosie o'donnell going at it again. another twitter war between these two. obviously no love lost here. apparently the donald started it wedn
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)